Day 145.  We ended up at a bar where the entire menu (I kid you not) was as follows: goulash, perogies, tripe soup, cabbage rolls, cabbage stew, and lasagna .

Earlier in the day, a trip to Square One yielded some new comic books, some gender studies material imperative to my MRP research, a birthday present for a friend, and a new computer (my old one was a boat anchor).

Two days until TA training!  I will soon be in charge of undergraduate grades, in a position of power that will allow me to grow organically my first generation of critical minions.

Humanities Graduate Day 144

Partook in the eating of unreal sausages at Hank’s Franks in the Port Credit Farmer’s Market.  Mossed for a bit before heading to work for a quick four hour shift, then spent the night contemplating sexuality, existence, change, friends, love, and everything between and beyond.

Humanities Graduate Day 143

Friday was a good day to rip out my own heart and stare at how cold and black it had become, i.e. I had a ten hour shift in retail.  Luckily, I drowned the anguish in a sea of Steam Whistle pilsner.

Day 142.  All my articles and pieces are being published within the next week or two, so for now I am lounging and getting everything else in order, i.e. I signed my apartment lease, got my grad student card and papers, and packed a few more boxes of stuff’n’such (not the stovetop dressing, though that is delicious).

Humanities Graduate Day 139

Back on the pulse of Hamilton’s beating heart.  Met a good friend for some early-morning people watching, scoured the mall for maps and useful books, made note of the city’s finer areas, found a rooftop park for maximum lounging.  Departed from one friend to shoot up the mountain and meet another companion, with whom I discussed the coming months and the potential of approaching projects.  Closed the day with a viewing of Shutter Island, a movie that never fails to make me feel like I’m waking from my own elaborately constructed role-play.